The Green magazine is published for the community by the community and run by part timers and volunteers. Without the heart, sweat and talent of our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to produce such a quality, fortnightly magazine that is so passionately loved and well read.

Volunteering for The Green is a great way to use or learn writing and publishing skills and fantastic work experience. We are always looking for more wonderful locals wanting to get involved; whether it’s; writing, editing, proofing, graphic design, layout, accounts, advertising, marketing or admin, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to get involved please email email Sacha, and tell us your area of interest and previous experience.

The Green vollies are the heart of The Green and keep the cogs turning. If you’re interested in having a walk around your neighbourhood once a fortnight, saying a neighbourly g’day and delivering The Green to letterboxes please email Tracey.

Our Green vollies are also on call once a month on Wednesday at 1.30pm to help with magazine collation and inserts at The School of Arts in Eumundi. It’s a nice gathering of lovely locals and usually takes less than an hour. please email Richard email Tracey if you’d like to occasionally help out.

Volunteer regular contributors

Volunteer regular photographers

Volunteer proof readers

Eumundi Green Vollies

Anne Kennedy, John Kennedy, Janie Ferguson, Clytie Glass, Inger Vinogradou, Deborah O’Neil, John Chadwick, Margaret Henry, Margaret Lawrence, Rick Russel, Robin Russell, Edwin Boyd, Fran Curley, Tracey Standing, Terry Lawrence, Sandy Heumrich, Wendy Heumrich, Sam Scanlon, Mary Davidson, Annie Wilson, Patsy Jones, Peter Jones, Janelle Denny, Tom Denny